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Healthy ideas for self care

Self Care: Physical Renewal

As we establish our bottom lines, we also need to establish top lines– things that nurture us and solidify our recovery. Today, let’s talk about things that you can do that are nurturing to your body. I don’t know about you, but my body has taken a lot of abuse in my life, from what has been done to me against my will, what I have allowed to be done to me, and what I have done to myself through self- abuse, poor habits and neglect. Like Susan Powter  (remember her?) used to say, let’s “stop the insanity!” Here are some ideas for positive self-care. I’d love to hear some of your ideas, as well. Enjoy!

Drink a tall glass of ice water

Sit still with a cup of tea

Stretch like a cat on your bed

Wash your face and moisturize it

Take a nap

Lie in the sun (wear sunscreen!)

Float in some water

Have a candle light bath


Paint your nails (Or have someone else do it!)

Get a massage

Buff and moisturize your feet

Look at your naked body in the mirror and send love to yourself

Give yourself a bear hug

Slow down

Thank God for your body- your “temple”