Journal Prompts: Authenticity vs Addiction

Here is a week’s worth of journal prompts. You may use them as is, or as a springboard for your own ideas. Have fun!

1. When/with whom am I most authentic? Least?

2. Do the clothes I wear, and the way I carry myself reflect my authentic self, or pander to my addiction? In what ways, specifically?

3. If “my addict” still existed, but didn’t get to dictate my day-to-day living, who would I be? How do I feel about that?

4. Do I become like a chameleon to please others? On the other hand, am I bold and flashy for attention? What would it be like to put those things down and just “be?”

5. When I was little, what kind of woman did I dream I would become? How much am I like that woman today? What would my “inner child” like to tell me right now? How do I feel about that?

6. How do I feel about letting a safe, supportive person (like a sponsor) know everything about me? How do I feel about setting better boundaries with those who aren’t safe?

7. What masks do I wear? What’s underneath?


One response to “Journal Prompts: Authenticity vs Addiction

  1. Now I am going to do my breakfast, when having my breakfast coming again to read further news.

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